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New rates/policies effective July 1, 2016. All rates/policies are subject to change without prior notice.

You must submit a mandatory $62.50 Non-Refundable Deposit placed on your unit before the unit can be diagnosed. It will be credited toward the final repair bill. This applies to ALL non-warranty repairs.

Labor Rate: $125.00/hour 

Minimum Labor Charge: $62.50 

 ***PLEASE NOTE: Warranty Status on your gear will be determined by Thermal Relief design. Proof-Of-Purchase within the warranty period is NOT a guarantee that your unit will be serviced under warranty. A warranty covers MANUFACTURER’S DEFECTS under NORMAL USE. ANY DEFECT OR DAMAGE THAT IS USER-INFLICTED IS NOT COVERED BY WARRANTY!***

Estimates: $90.00  

Estimates must be SPECIFICALLY requested and are Prepaid. Otherwise it is assumed the customer wants his/her unit repaired and work will be performed. What qualifies for an Estimate Fee, Is a request for any written form (PDF, Doc or fax) outlining the proposed work and related cost of the repair. If the Estimate is accepted the 90.00 fee is applied as a credit to the final invoice.

Bench Charge: $62.50 (Diagnostic fee)

Bench Charge is applied if there is No Fault Found with your equipment. We strive to ensure we are able to identify/repair a fault our customers are wanting to resolve and will exhaust all avenues in pursuit of identifying and/or recreating the fault. If after all avenues have been exhausted and our team has been unable to identify any fault with the equipment. We must apply a bench fee. With out exaggeration, we will spend hours/days to find the fault before we make the assessment of No Fault Found and apply a Bench Fee. Bench Fee’s also apply when work is refused when a verbal estimate has been rejected.

On-Location Service: $175.00/hour. 2 Hour Min. Charge

2 hours minimum charge. Time starts when technician leaves the TRD location and stops when the TRD technician completes service at location. Payment is DUE before the Technician leaves the clients location, unless prior arrangement has been made. This applies to the Las Vegas/Clarke County Nevada area only. For rates concerning on-site service outside of Clarke County, NV please call

Custom Work/R&D: Quote basis

Custom design, Custom equipment modification, the racking of console modules, etc. will all be quoted on an individual/project basis. 50% of the quoted estimate is due prior to work being performed.

Rush Service:

Our current average turnaround time is 15-21 business days. As with any business, we too have busy periods that may extend the turn around time. If you require GUARANTEED faster service, we offer a Rush Service. The Rush Service Fee is an addition to the cost of repair.

All Rush Service Fee’s are PREPAID.

Rush Service rates:

Emergency Service: $150.00 (Same Day on bench, maximum 3 business days turnaround)

Expedited Service: $90.00 (5 Business day)

Rush Fees are calculated for Business Days Only!

All Rush services are contingent upon parts availability. TRD assumes no responsibility for the unavailability of parts. In the event that you have paid a Rush charge, and the unit is not completed in the specified time frame, the charge will:

  1. a)Be downgraded to the next rush level, with the difference in rate applied to repair cost.
  1. b)Receive credit towards the total repair if completion time exceeds BUSINESS days

Storage Fees:

You MUST pay and pick up (or have us ship it) your gear within 21 days after notification that it is completed. Any units left OVER 21 days will have STORAGE FEES added to the final bill, calculated at the rate of $10.00 PER DAY. Equipment that accrues storage fees will NOT be released unless storage and repair charges are paid in full. 

THESE STORAGE FEES ARE STRICTLY A DETERRENT, SINCE WE DO NOT WANT TO STORE YOUR EQUIPMENT! However, we will make exceptions for delayed pickup, provided we are notified ahead of the end of the 21-day period. At 45 days past customer notification, your gear will be considered abandoned, at which point a Certified Letter of Disposal will be sent to the customer. If we receive no response, the unit will be either sold or scrapped, depending on it’s condition.

Accepted Payment Types

amexDiscover-logo-e1416429693676 mc visapaypal


  • Cash
  • Money Order
  • Certified Check
  • Company Check (subject to approval)
  • Open Account (subject to approval)


The TRD Guarantee:

Thermal Relief Design guarantees all of its non-warranty repairs for a period of ninety (90) days from the date of pickup or delivery. If the unit fails with the same problem within this period, return the unit immediately and we will service it at no charge. If the unit requires additional parts to solve the original problem, you will be charged only for the parts. All returns are subject to inspection and evaluation by TRD. If, upon inspection, it has been determined that the unit in question has been subsequently modified, abused, tampered with, or repaired by another service organization, the customer will be duly notified and an estimate for the additional incurred diagnostic and service charges will be issued.

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