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When you attend school you are constantly being taught new concepts and ideas. The teachers are there for that sole purpose, “to teach”. And you the student are there “to learn”. While at school you keep looking for that day when you graduate and go upon your own into the “real world” and finally put all that knowledge learned in school to use. What they didn’t tell you though is that in the “real world” that the teacher/student relationship still exists. Except now the “teachers” are not being paid to teach you and you the “students” must seek out those teachers and schools. And in order to learn from them you must also learn to disseminate that information; what is true, what is false, what maybe is true or what maybe is false? But most important thing is that you never stop learning.

I would like to say thank you to these special “teachers” in my life:

  • Bill Levy – for all those basic classes in Audio engineering.
  • David Gautrey – for the hands on lessons in live sound engineering.
  • Tom Schlum – for the “white wash the fence” style of teaching.
  • Dave Dearden – for all the over the phone circuit explanations.

And finally…

  • My Dad – who taught me how to remain calm under all circumstances.

-Tony Marra 08/01/2002