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Tony Marra
Founder and President of Thermal Relief Design, Inc., Tony hails from Niagara Falls, NY, where he started his career in the music business installing Disco’s in western NY area. However his love for live sound brought him out to LA in the late 70’s and eventually touring the world with Ted Nugent, Rod Stewart, Tom Petty, Elvis Costello to name a few. Eventually the glamour of the rock concert wore and Tony relocated his family to NYC to head up Soundcraft NY in the late 80’s. And with the help of JBL’s purchase of Soundcraft, Tony started his first Authorized Service Center, TLM Electronics, Inc. in Pleasantville, NY. But when the snow and cold finally got the better of them, the Marra family packed up and headed to Las Vegas and TLM, a New York corporation became TRD, a Nevada corporation. Continuing his long relationships with British manufactures’ such as Soundcraft, Focusrite, and Drawmer, Tony continues to push Thermal Relief Design, Inc. into the new millennium.
Tammie D’Angelo
Tammie Parsons If you ever called to see if we repair a piece of equipment or check the status of something you previously sent in, you have no doubt spoken to our Office Service Manager, Tammie D’Angelo. Tammie was born in Oceanside, CA, but spent her early youth in the small town of Murdock, WA located in the picturesque Columbia River Gorge. With a passion for sports, Tammie excelled at Gymnastics & Baseball throughout her HS days. Hoping to pursue a career in Law Enforcement / Criminal Justice, she moved to Vancouver, WA to finish her education. While in Vancouver her career path took a detour bringing Tammie into the customer service side of business. Being an extremely social and fun loving individual, Tammie went on to serve as Customer Service Manager for companies such as Comcast Cable, Access Systems Plus, and Day Wireless Systems before joining us here at TRD. On her time off, Tammie, an avid NASCAR fan, can be found either tailgating at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway or tanning on the beach in beautiful Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.
Tim Wood
Tim Wood Tim Wood, TRD’s first employee ever, is our Shipping/Receiving/QC Manager. No unit ever leaves our building without Tim’s seal of approval that it is working correctly. Tim who is an accomplished recording artist and performer has been entertaining Las Vegas crowds for years in his own bands and as a guitarist in others.
Joel Gette
Joel Gette Senior tech Joel Gette is TRD’s confirmed gear slut. Joel talks, eats, and dreams of nothing but Pro Audio Equipment. Running his own studio with a Vintage Amek M3000 console, and touring the world with various artists and sound companies, Joel is quite knowledgeable about every aspect of the music business. In his off time you may find Joel at the racetrack with his completely rebuilt Hi Performance Chevy Camarro.
Lori Marra
Lori Marra Lori was born, raised and educated in Buffalo, NY. After recieving a MBA from the University of Buffalo, she set out west for California to persue a career in finance. After a few lesser jobs she finnally landed a career with CitiBank N.A. where in time she was eventually promoted to Vice President. Citibank moved her to New York City, where with her new husband Tony they formed TLM Electronics. Lori finnaly tiring of the cold, managed to get CitiBank to move her back again to the west… this time Las Vegas, NV. After finally leaving CitiBank many years later, Lori worked quite a few stints in other financial institutions before settling at First California Mortgage here in Nevada, where she is a mortgage broker. Of course on early mornings, nights, and weekends you will find her behind the desk at Thermal Relief Design, where she runs all the financials of the company.