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All the time I’ve been playing guitar and repairing guitar amps I keep thinking that I should write this stuff down… maybe even write a book some day… yeh… but you know how that goes… So now… after some threatin… err, ah… I mean good natured suggestion from the boss… I’ve finally set to words some of my thoughts. I plan on continuing this rambling until just maybe I’ll have enough to complete that book… or get fired… oops I meant tired. And if I don’t… have fun and enjoy what I’ve done so far………

Legal Mumbo Jumbo

The boss made me print this… somethin about liability… whatever… here it is:

Tube guitar amplifiers contain LETHAL voltages which can kill you even after being unplugged for long periods of time. Always unplug the amplifier before working on it. Even with the amplifier unplugged voltage can remain in capacitors for a long time. Learn how to drain the filter capacitors properly. Use only insulated tools to touch or work on any parts inside the amp and never touch any of the parts with your fingers. Do NOT attempt to service a tube amplifier or modify a tube amplifier unless you are CERTAIN you know what you are doing. Be smart, be safe and if you don’t know what you are doing, get a certified tech to do the work.
All of the text contained on the following articles are opinions and suggestions of the author and/or TRD. The author and/or TRD are not responsible for typographical errors in these articles, or your safety and technical ability when performing amplifier repairs and/or modifications. If you repair amplifiers you assume certain risks of electrical shock and injury, and it is assumed that you know this before attempting a repair. The author and/or TRD cannot be held liable or responsible for any content presented in these articles. In other words, if you build, modify, disassemble, reassemble, repair, fix, restore or otherwise interact with an amplifier you do so at your own risk.

By clicking on the links below you have read and agreed to ALL of the terms and conditions stated above.

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