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NAMM 2009

The Winter NAMM Show 2009
Leaving our Vintage Amp Tech Roy to “hold down the fort”, the rest of the TRD staff departed to sunny Anaheim California for the 2009 winter NAMM show.

As you can see we renewed alot of old friendships and even made quite a few new ones.

Be sure to scroll down to see all the pictures !!!

* Photo credits goes to Rick Hahn

Old Soundcraft Alumni pose for a picture… Phil Dudderidge of Focusrite, Tony Marra of TRD and Phil Wagner of SSL

TRD’s own Erika Earl posing with the “Diamond Girls” of Diamond Amplification, Houston Texas

Erika Earl and Tony Marra of TRD pose with Geoff Daking, one of TRD’s newest clients

Hermann Gier of SPL patiently listens while Tony Marra and Rick Hahn of TRD explain the virtues of German beer

Erika Earl of TRD and two of the “Coffin Girls” of the Coffin Case Company

Tony Marra of TRD trying to explain what happened to the speakers in this Orange 4 x 12 speaker cabinet

Tom Schlum of Capitol Records, Richard Bowman of TransAudio Group, and Tony Marra of TRD (Tony… quit looking at those girls!)

Here Erika Earl of TRD falls in line with the “Dean Girls” of Dean Guitars

Erika Earl of TRD with the “Fernandes Girls” of Fernandes Guitars, North Hollywood California

Paul Wolf of Tonelux, Erika Earl of TRD, and Allan Wrench of the band “Kill Allen Wrench”

Tony Marra, Erika Earl of TRD, Marty Druckman of Network Pro Marketing, and Dirk, Hermann Gier of SPL

Erika Earl of TRD looking surprised as one of the Jagerettes from Peavey plants one on her

Kerry King of Slayer showing Erika Earl of TRD one of his more gentle sides

John Girgus of AM&S looking stunned after meeting Erika Earl of TRD

Erika Earl of TRD with Paul Rivera Jr. of Rivera Amplification, Sun Valley, California

Erika Earl of TRD with two of Ernie Ball’s employees