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Linea – Research

In Feburary 2008, Linea-Research’s Service Manager – Lee Basham, spent a week with us at TRD, training our staff the finer points of Class D PWM (pulse width modulation) amplifiers and switch mode power supplies in order to service Linea-Research’s line of X-Pods which are used in Turbosound’s newest powered speakers.

Lee Basham of Linea-Research manipulating the X-Pod’s DSP via Podware.

Combinding switch mode PSU, PWM amplifiers and configurable DSP, the X-Pod Series provides an ideal solution for powering high performance loudspeakers. Designed from the ground up for this application the range features preminum audio quality, high power, thermal efficiency, and network control.

Linea-Research has provided us at TRD with all the parts, specialized test equipment, and expertise to maintain and service Linea’s complete product line of OEM products here in the United States. From simple repairs to software and firmware upgrades, TRD is your source for Linea-Research support.

Ah… but after a week of training TRD’s Tony Marra was still confused about the size of the X-Pod’s fuse