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Las Vegas Locals – The Killers
Before embarking on their Fall 2008 World Tour, The Killers, one of Las Vegas’ more famous bands, brought in all their guitar, bass, and keyboard amps to be re-tubed and thoroughly checked out.

TRD’s Head Amp Tech, Roy Page went through each and every amp with his expert eyes and ears to ensure all screws, nuts, and solder joints were tight and would stand up to the many miles that these amps would travel.

After re-tubing them all with Groove Tube Gold Series Tubes, Roy dialed in the bias to ensure they were performing at their peak.

Of course the TRD staff couldn’t wait to get a picture with all those Hiwatt amps!

(The top center amp is actually Tony’s own 1977 Vintage Hiwatt)

Roy Page, TRD’s Head Amp Tech, admiring his work.

Roy and Tony after re-tubing and re-biasing

Roy, Erika and Tony clowning around.

The TRD amp staff stand by their work.