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About Us

Like most who are drawn to the mysterious world of Entertainment, the deeper you travel, the more you realize, we all began in humble places. Our journey is no different than yours, full of many colors and characters that we meet along the way. Nothing is more aggravating when having a piece of gear fail and they never do so in the most convenient time. We are a group of people who have been there and know the frustrations well. Our experience is diverse from the young and restless to the old wise man who holds the title Senior Tech. We are here to help you get back to that journey.

Our Services

Thermal Relief Design offers many services that cater to both the Individual as well as organizations.


Pro Audio equipment ranging from the most sought after Vintage to modern day giants in Digital Audio. We also repair Lighting and related Control. Extensive service and repair of Tube amps. We cover a lot, if in doubt, call us.


Need a new design from scratch or modification to an existing design? We offer R&D, post production troubleshooting and resolution. In other words as they say "Got a problem? We can solve it"

On-site emergency service

In the heat of moment? Have a big client on the other side of the glass? Have a venue full of screaming fans? We do offer on-site emergency service. Call for details


Got a product flying of the shelves? Inventory tracking? Need more space or additional locations? Additional staff? We offer warehousing as well as shipping and receiving. We even offer QC services.


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